Searching For Well-Paid Freelance Travel Writing Jobs: Directions For Starters

Many professionals want to change their careers and start working as freelance writers. One of the most popular types of writing is writing about travel. This topic is interesting to work on, and you don’t need any specific knowledge to get started. So, if you like being on the wing, you’ll have more fun working as a freelance travel writer.

Although it’s hard to find a well-paid freelance writing job, you can use the following directions for starters to find a job that meets your expectations:

  1. 1. Take your time and work on your portfolio.
  2. On the Web, you can find plenty of open positions for freelance travel writers. However, you’ll need to respond to these advertisements with good samples of your work. Most clients want to ensure that you can write about travel well and see what your writing style is, so having great writing samples available is important. You can demonstrate this via your personal blog or articles written for a social project.

  3. 2. Build a wide professional and personal network.
  4. If you don’t have much experience as a freelance travel writer, you can increase your chances of getting a job by using your personal contacts. For example, tell your friends that you want to write paid articles about local hotels. Make sure that your social media profiles present information about your dream job. Some of your friends’ friends might offer you a writing job if they know that you want to do it.

  5. 3. Revise your rates after you complete several paid projects.
  6. Most freelance writers start small. However, it’s important to understand that the more experience you get, the higher your rates should be. You should do some market research in order to find out what the average rates are and avoid working for low-paying positions. Keep in mind that long-term projects often have higher rates, compared to small projects.

  7. 4. Find potential clients and contact them directly.
  8. Amateurs often avoid contacting potential employers directly. In truth, you can get a well-paid position if you find potential clients, send them your resume and sample work, and offer your services. Many companies don’t post information about open positions for writers, so you should contact HR departments of hotel chains, tourist offices, and travel agencies by yourself.

The directions mentioned above will help you get a fair-paid job if you’re a starter. On the Internet, you can find more tips on how to avoid fraud and get your first freelance travel paid position.

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