Where To Look For Freelance Writing Jobs Online For Teenagers

There are numerous online platforms that can help teenagers to earn extra cash through freelance writing. Depending on the area of specialization, take on different writing genres including

  • Web content
  • Academic writing
  • Blog posts

The challenge is in getting a reliable website or client to provide the articles consistently. This does not mean that such clients and outsourcing websites do not exist.

Where can you get freelance writing jobs online?

  1. Outsourcing sites- the platforms collect work from different clients for distribution to their registered writers. A writer is required to open an account through which vital personal details are collected. Some outsourcing websites require the writer to sit for an examination to test writing skills.
  2. The terms of engagement are clearly stated during registration. Any breach of such terms leads to the suspension of your account. Payments are made using online platforms that are email based. There are deadlines for the assignments and penalties if they are not met. The outsourcing websites offer freelance writers articles in all categories including academic work, blog posts and web content. It is an easy way of making money for teenagers.
  3. Social Media- people who have assignments that need to be completed post on social media to attract able writers. By searching an account for writers, you will get the alert when someone has an assignment. In this case, you will be required to negotiate the terms with the person whose assignment you are handling.
  4. Referral- this method works if you know of a person already engaged in freelance writing jobs. Outsourcing websites provide an option where their writers can recommend other people who they think can write well. This is easier because the person is already known to the outsourcing company. You will be required to setup your account and sit for the assessment test before being approved. A friend may also refer you to a client who will be supplying you with work directly.
  5. Start your own online writing platform- a blog, social media account or website is enough to get you started. These platforms are used to advertise your credentials to potential clients. This information is shared among friends and in groups which captures the attention of clients interested in your services. This is advantageous because it eliminates middle men meaning that you will get all the money. You also have a chance to employ other writers.

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