How To Find A Part-Time Job As A Freelance Content Writer

Becoming a contact based writer is not easy. Even when you have all the abilities and flair for writing, getting a good assignment immediately after you start as a writer can be very difficult. The initial few months can be frustrating and very unproductive. Many cannot afford not getting paid for a few months. The easiest solution is built up some savings before you plunge headlong in the field of freelance writing. The savings should see you through the initial rough patch.

Starting as a part time writer

There is however another better option. It is working as a freelance writer during your spare time. Many people work part time writing jobs as freelancers and earn good money. Once you have established yourself as a good and proficient writer you will be able to make it a full time occupation. You will not be able to dedicate all your time towards writing but then you will be sure of a paycheck at the end of the month.

Disadvantages of working part-time

Getting a part time job as a contractual writer can be more difficult that a full timer. You will have to keep a steady job which means there will be less time hunting new assignments. You will be able to dedicate even lesser time towards the actual writing. So you will have to take up projects with flexible deadline and ones that are fairly easy and need less time to complete.

Here are some basic steps that will help you in staring your part time freelance writing:

  • Search the various job portals where people post their job requirements. You may be able to bag a deal with someone who is looking for some quick work. You will be able to finish the small writing assignments and maintain your full time job at the same time.
  • Talk with some of the local newspaper and magazines. They are usually in search of contractual writers and you can persuade them to let you work part time.
  • If you have decided going full time somewhere in the future, it is advisable to use this time working to build your portfolio. Work for reputable clients even when the pay is less.
  • Try to meet the client’s guidelines so that you can get good reviews. A happy and content client will give you the right testimonials that will help in boosting your career.
  • Always meet the client’s deadline as it creates a good impression and also gets you more work.

Upgrade Your Skills

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