Useful Hints On How To Become A Freelance Article Writer

A freelance writer is a person who writes without being affiliated to any particular entity or company but acts as an independent contractor. It is possible to become a freelance writer and earn a living, but you need to first understand some basics before you can become one. Here are some useful hints on how to become a freelance article writer.

Develop Good Writing Skills

The first useful hints on how to become a freelance article writer is to be a good writer. Most people believe they can write but when they try it, their lack of creativity, originality, and good grammar proves otherwise. You have to be sure that you can express yourself through writing with clarity and ease. In case you don’t have writing qualifications, you may consider taking a degree or diploma course in English or journalism.

Enhance Communication Skills

Unless you intend to be a hermit writer, you will have to reach out to other people. You have to be prepared to promote yourself and the business by chasing leads. Although you will often communicate with potential clients using e-mails, you need to be ready to get out there and link with real people. You will also need to learn how to draft a query letter. This is a letter that briefly explains the ideas you are proposing to write, and a brief explanation of your qualifications and experience.

Learn the Art of “Just Doing It”

Other hints on how to become a freelance article writer are that you need to realize that to turn your creative passion into a fulltime job can sometimes kill your enthusiasm. Regardless of how much you like writing, there are some instances when you will get writing jobs that you dread doing. In such instances, you have to learn how to do the job regardless of your feelings. This is known as master pushing.


If you intend to become a freelance article writer, you will need to have a good sense of personal responsibility toward clients as well as toward yourself. You will have to organize for a dedicated writing space and even time. You will also need to set up financial systems to ensure you are regular and prompt with things like tax filing, account reconciliation, and invoicing.

Be Active in Freelance Writing Communities

It’s also a good idea to get involved with writing groups as well as freelance writer associations online. Interacting with other people in the same field will ensure that you get access to useful information and advice. It also helps you to establish your credentials a freelance article writer.

Upgrade Your Skills

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