The Ultimate Guide To Freelance Writing: How To Find Steady Clients

Being a for-pay writer is a nice life to lead. You can work from home on your own schedule. You can stay in your pajamas all day long if you want. You can set your fees and be in control of your career. Some of the different fields for freelance writers are resume writing, cover letter, SEO, creative, white papers, editing, spread sheet input, short stories, ghost writing, poetry, academic essays, fillers, research, and many more. In order to find steady clients, use this ultimate guide for help.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Work with a third party company-you can pick the jobs to bid on, you can name your price, and you do not have to worry about collecting the money because it is delivered through an escrow system
  • Have a resume, references, and sample work-people who are considering you will want to look at these items
  • Meet your deadlines-yes, sometimes things happen and they interfere with your product delivery, but this should not happen often and you should always update your clients immediately
  • Ask for work when you finish a job-the moment I finish the job; I always ask the client if he or she needs me for new work. I have gotten to the point that I have enough return clients that I do not have to look for work. Looking for work takes a lot of time, so now I can concentrate on just writing
  • Do not overbook-it is exciting when several people want to use you, but consider your schedule and make sure you do not take on too much work
  • The fine print and fees-you may start off at a low wage in order to attract clients; you can slowly raise your rates with time. And if you sign a contract and when you look at the job description; make sure to carefully read all of the fine print
  • Proof-you are in the business of writing, so make sure that you proof and you edit your writing very carefully for errors
  • Track your earnings-for tax purposes you will need to track your earnings and your expenses

As you enter into the world of freelance writing, you should make sure you know what you are getting into before you begin. Use this ultimate guide in order to find and to keep steady clients.

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