Finding A Well-Paid Freelance Article Writing Job On The Web

All thanks to the emergence of the internet, added to the need for constant updating of website content, there will always be freelance writing opportunities for freelancers. The downside of it is that a good number of these job opportunities are not well-paid but that should not deter you from pursuing your dream. Instead, you should be strategic in hunting for writing jobs which is the only way to successfully land well-paid gigs. Yes, you don’t have to quit, just take a different approach. Listed below are a few tips to help ensure that you are getting paid what you are worth. They are as follows:

  • Go fishing in bigger ponds: A large percentage of freelance writers make the mistake of depending solely on auction-based sites to get writing jobs. If this is the case, then it should not be surprising that you are being paid peanuts because you are competing for jobs with lots of ‘newbies” who are ready and willing to write for a few pennies for several reasons. Instead letting this continue, it is time for you to dedicate time to hunting down bigger-paying jobs from the host of reliable and reputable writing job sources on the net.

  • Boost your writing network: There are two ways to do this – online and offline. As a freelance writer, you can connect online with other writers and potential clients through social media. With this part achieved, work towards physical networking. This usually ranges from seminars to group meetings, weekend brunches, etc. With your business card ready, don’t hesitate to strike up conversations with some of the people you meet their. You never know where the next big catch will come from.

  • Make your identity clear: It is important you understand that for any potential client to fully understand your worth as a freelance writer, you have to let them know. One of the ways to do this is maintaining a professional identity. There are a couple of platforms where professionals showcase their identity and skills. LinkedIn is one of such platforms. Maintain and constantly update your presence on this platform and watch what will happen within a short period.

  • Get qualifications: Apart from being an experienced freelance writer, it is also important that you go for professional training. This will further increase your chances of landing well-paid writing jobs. In the course of the training, you can chose to specialize in a given area of writing like salescopy, whitepapers, manuals, web pages etc.

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