10 Rules To Be Aware Of Working From Home As Freelance Copywriter

Working from home as a freelance copywriter is a great career choice that more people are getting into each year. There are a few rules, however, that freelancers should be aware of before getting started. Here are the top 10 rules:

  1. You need to create a workspace.
  2. Don’t work at the kitchen table, on the couch or on the bed. Within a few days you will have a harder time concentrating and can lose out on some really good projects. Set up a separate and dedicated workspace to help get your work done faster.

  3. Use a separate business line.
  4. Don’t mix your personal phone with a work phone. Keep the two separate so that you can focus you attention on the right one at the right time. You don’t want to embarrassingly answer informally when you should be conducting business.

  5. Answer questions professionally.
  6. When someone contacts you either by phone or email, you should always answer professionally as though were working for and representing another employer.

  7. Set goals for each work day.
  8. Before setting down and getting to work each day, be sure to set a number of tasks and goals to complete. This will help with focus and motivation. As you complete or reach each one you should experience satisfaction that could push you to the next.

  9. Value the time when you work.
  10. Time spent doing work related stuff even outside of your home should be viewed as time working. For instance, trips to the printers or office supply store should be thought of as work hours. Plan accordingly and you won’t have to do everything on a “day off.”

  11. Use time-saving accounting tools.
  12. When you start working from home you will find that you may not be organized concerning financial work matters. Your bills and invoices will start to pile on your desk and often leave you spending more time just trying to figure things out. Use time-saving accounting tools to make life easier.

  13. Organize your electronic files.
  14. Keep your files organized. Many first time copywriters new to working at home often fill their computer screens with dozens of files and take too long finding the right information. Stay organized to increase the amount of work you get done.

  15. Dress yourself for productivity.
  16. A really good method for increasing productivity is to look the part. If you stay in comfortable clothing you slept in you’re probably going to feel lazy most of the day, but if you dress as though you’re in an office, you will feel more motivated to work as if you were in an office.

  17. Get home-sized office furniture.
  18. Office furniture is generally larger and clunkier and shouldn’t be your first choice when working at home. There are several home-sized furniture choices that blend really well with various types of décor and are still highly functional.

  19. Have the right work attitude.
  20. Remember that you are working from home and not simply at home. There is a difference that can negatively affect your productivity. Consider setting rules as if you were in an office. Keep a strict schedule and don’t lounge around.

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