What Is A Freelance Writer: A Great Definition For Beginners

Freelance writing can sound kind of mysterious. There is a certain allure about it; a sense of the exotic. So much so that the general population seems to be under the misguided impression that anyone lucky enough to pursue this as a career must be rolling in money. They don’t realize the daily struggles that we collectively go through.

As such, a lot of people enthusiastically embark upon it, mistakenly under the impression that fame and glory are within their reach. Or at least that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Because their expectations haven’t been managed they then end up bitterly disappointed when their dreams don’t turn into reality.

So, what is a freelance writer?

  • They are a wearer of many hats; a juggler. In order to survive it is often necessary to juggle multiple freelance jobs at any given time as well as your own family responsibilities.

  • They come from all age groups and backgrounds. Contrary to popular belief freelancing is not the preserve of retired academics anymore. In fact, I am not really sure that it ever was. Students, single moms, stay at home dads, people looking to top up their income all try their hand at it. It is not an exclusive club.

  • They are versatile and flexible. There is no point boxing yourself into a corner or being too precious about the kinds of work that you will or will not do. The aim of the game is to get experience and earn money. You are not going to get either of those things by turning your nose up at certain jobs.

  • They are disciplined. In order to have any degree of success then you need to be disciplined enough to put the hours in. If you go into this with the mentality that you are working from home therefore for you can watch a bit of television, and maybe take the kids to the park in between writing then you are not going to get very far. You need to commit to a set amount of hours and then barring a catastrophe you need to stick to it.

  • They are talented and creative. In order to succeed then you need to be more than just competent. You need to be creative and able to respond to challenges as they arise.

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