Looking for Academic Freelance Writing Opportunities: Vital Advice for Beginners

Look around you at all the places, companies, and people who use writing in every day of their life. This massive need is the reason why freelance writing has so many opportunities. Additionally, you can add the money earned to an existing income, you can work from wherever you want, and you can select the jobs that you want. If you enjoy words, then this career is for you. If you are just beginning as a freelance writer, make sure you use our list of tips in order to have a successful startup.


  • Build a Portfolio-begin to compile a portfolio of your work. Prospective clients will want to see it. Add a variety of samples, published and unpublished work.

  • Make a website-make a website that advertises your qualifications, degrees, fees, experience, samples, references, recommendations, and contact information. You can also go the extra step and have business cards made or even advertise in local newspapers and magazines.

  • Join Several Companies-there are companies who act as third party operators. At these places, you will build a profile and then bid on jobs that interest you. Additionally, clients may ask for you to submit a proposal to them for a job. It is a safe and easy way to get work. You will pay a small fee from each of your earnings.

  • Gather References and Recommendations-no matter what venue you gain work from, the prospective customers will want to see references and recommendations. Gather those and have them ready from the beginning.

  • Be Realistic-it may take a while to build up a client base. You have to realize that even though there is a large amount of work to be had, you are competing against experienced writers. Be realist about your goals.

  • Be Affordable and Fair-when you start, adjust your fees to be just a bit lower than the norm. This will attract people. You can slowly move the fees up as you gain more clients. Always be affordable and fair, no matter how much experience you have.

  • Always Read the Fine Print-you will sign contracts and proposals. Read every word of them, and do not sign it if you do not agree. You should do your research so you know what all the words mean. Know what you are agreeing to with your customer.

  • Never Overbook-it gets very exciting when several people wish to hire you. You should carefully make sure your schedule allows for any work you take on. For example, I travel in my main job. If I am traveling when someone wants me to work for him or her, I always tell him or her upfront that the work will be delayed a bit and we have to change the delivery date. Clients are agreeable if time allows, and if you are honest with them. Never take on more work that you can do.

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