Three Simple Ways To Get A Good Online Freelance Writing Position

A writing position usually requires a commitment, but can be quite lucrative. I used to do a boat description once a week and that regular payment was a nice thing. The client gave me the name of a vessel and a location. I then had to write an article that would sell the boat and the location to the readers. There are three simple ways for you to obtain a similar position, a good online freelance writing job.

  1. Join a third party company: my two favorite ongoing positions were obtained from an online third party company. I joined the site for $10.00 a moth, created a profile, compiled references, recommendations, and samples. Then I set my expected fee and began to bid on jobs that interested me. In both cases, I wrote a for-pay trial article and was hired to do weekly work. I now get requests from clients almost everyday for jobs, but am usually too busy with my regular positions I obtained from this third party company. Definitely join a freelance company in order to get a regular position.
  2. Build a Website-build an attractive website advertising your writing skills. In your description include the best SEO words to attract potential business. At the site, make sure you include your references, recommendations, sample work, fees, and contact information. You might want to set up a bidding submission form at the site, so people can bid on your work. Always answer the potential clients in a timely fashion.
  3. Be good, be reliable, be timely-do not assume that when you are hired, that the client only has one job for you. If you are good, timely, and reliable, the client may chose to employ you again. And if the client does not employ you again immediately, then go ahead and ask the customer if he or she has additional work you can do. By doing a good job the first time, you may make yourself eligible for more work from the same person.

As a freelance writer, there is nothing better than having repeat regular positions. The money will always come in on a regular basis. When looking for such a job, you should always join a third party company, build an attractive website, and be good, reliable, and timely in order to attract work.

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