How To Get The Best Freelance Writing Jobs: 4 Useful Suggestions

Starting off a job as a freelance writer can be a daunting prospect and a challenging career path. However, as difficult as it may be, it may well be one of the best and most rewarding decisions of your life! The first hurdle to overcome, though, is how to get the best jobs, rather than scrabble around and settling for anything. Simply take into account these 4 useful suggestions when starting your freelance writing work and see your career flourish!

  1. Do not be afraid to ask for bigger jobs and request bigger pay checks.
  2. Many budding freelance writers fear that asking for too much money or too much work for their employers is a turn-off, and indicates that they are desperate. This is not true. In fact, more employers are impressed by the enthusiasm when a new writer asks for more work. Asking for more money, too, can often result in better pay! Just remember to keep your rates reasonable, but do not worry about being too competitive: if you are an excellent writer, your client will be happy to hire you for a higher price.

  3. Advertise!
  4. Some people can feel awkward about advertising their services on platforms such as social media - their own Facebook or Twitter, for example - but this is a perfectly logical use of free space. Who knows? Maybe some of your friends are looking for a freelance writer just like you!

  5. Apply for multiple jobs, but don’t take on too much.
  6. It is always good to apply for multiple jobs - that way, when the job offers come flooding in; you can pick and choose the best jobs. However, do not say yes to everything! If you spread yourself too, thin the quality of your writing will decrease, and your employers will not be impressed. It is better to have two or three loyal customers who are happy with your work than seventeen who are unhappy.

  7. Have an amazing portfolio ready to go.
  8. Often, employers will want to see samples of your work before they hire you. Make sure you have something ready to go! You need to ensure that your portfolio is filled with the best examples of your work that you have to hand. Have all sorts of examples of different genres - blogs, fiction, non-fiction, reports, academic papers, etc. - and all sorts of different lengths.

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