Looking For A Well-Paid Online Freelance Writing Jobs

As a freelance writer, you have a lot of privileges. The thing to do is to try to take the comforts of the job and combine it with nice paying jobs. Not all writing jobs are created equally at all. Once you have built a resume and a portfolio, look at these sites in order to find well-paid online freelance writing jobs.


  • Writing companies-a writing companies employs a lot of people. Many of these writers work freelance on an as-need basis. You will need to be proficient at writing, research, and citations and bibliographies for this job.
  • Third party companies-there are several online prestigious third-party freelance companies. You can build a profile, bid on work, accept work, and work as much or as little as you might wish to do. You will have to pay a small fee, as low as $10.00 a month, to join the group.
  • Marketing and advertising companies-the amount of copy that advertising and marketing companies generate is astronomical. Not all of that work is done in house, much of it is farmed out to freelance writers. Make a listing of such companies and contact the ones that might Interest you. Make sure to include your references, resumes, and portfolio when you apply.
  • Educational and textbook companies-I once had a friend who made as much from proofing textbooks she did from her full time teaching job. There is so much to be written and read at educational and textbook companies. Put our feelers and see if there might be work for you at one of these places. You can do it from online.

If you freelance, your job can be done completely online. You will need to create a portfolio, a resume, and references. You also need to have a website where your fees and contact information can be found. If you love near a college and do not mind leaving home, contact their writing lab and post your flyers all over campus bulletin boards. You may never have to leave your couch when it is time to write. Do always act professional, meet your deadlines, and always do your best. Remember that return customers are your best friends! As you look for online sources of income, you should try writing companies, third party businesses that specialize in writing for pay, marketing and advertising companies, and educational and textbook places.

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