The Freelance Writer’s Bible: How To Become A Professional

Becoming a freelance writer is an exciting career that more people are turning to earn a great income working on projects of their choosing from anywhere they would like in the world. It’s a great career for anyone who likes working without bosses or for someone that enjoys working flexible hours in any given week. Starting out, however, can be a little difficult and there are some things you should know before you start down this career path. Here’s how to become a professional:

Create a Profile and Develop Your Portfolio

The most successful freelancers will have well-developed profiles and portfolios they can easily present to their potential clients in a moment’s notice. Many websites make this easy for young professionals. List all of your services, provide some information about your background, your expertise, your rates and provide samples of work you have completed.

Search for and Bid on Multiple Projects

As soon as you have your profile developed it’s time to search for and bid on writing projects. Most freelancing sites make it easy for contractors and clients to connect, however you still need to be proactive about the entire process. Use keywords to search for opportunities each day. Make it habit to regularly bid on projects so that you always have something waiting in the pipeline.

Use Your Profile Link in All of Your Communication

When you communicate with friends and family it would be a good idea to start including your professional information. Some professionals will print literature to put into all paper communications as well. Whatever it takes to build your client base is great. Remember that your success depends on your ability to get your name out there and on your clients’ minds.

Use Other Professional or Social Media Sites to Promote Your Services

Once you’ve gotten yourself established and have had some experience working on projects, you could expand your presence by using other sites to promote your professional services. Include a brief description of who you are as a freelancer and be sure to provide your contact information. If these complementary sites don’t have enough space to present all of your freelancing details then be sure to provide a link back to your main site.

Deliver Quality Material on Time and Build that Client Base

Lastly, you want to make sure you deliver a quality product with every project you take on. This will lead to loyal clientele and can open the door to several opportunities by way of all the high ratings and positive reviews you can position to attract new business. Communicate often and make your freelancing career your number one priority.

Upgrade Your Skills

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