In Search Of Legit Freelance Writing Jobs With No Experience Required

When you’re trying to become a writer, it can be difficult getting things started. Sometimes, when work is hard to come across, freelance writing might be your best option to get experience and a solid income. Freelance work provides a ton of excellent and potentially long-term opportunities to strengthen your skills and hone in on the skills that need improvement. You might think only established freelancers are capable of getting a regular influx of work, but even beginners can find legit work. Here are some tips to consider when seeking freelance work as an amateur:

  • Ask around: If you are involved in any sort of nearby writing community or group, it is possible that the people in the group know of freelance opportunities or are seeking writers themselves. Networking is one of the easiest ways to find work in general today, and the same applies for this type of work.

  • Look online: There are several sites that exist for users to seek out freelance work. Many involve a free signup and can help you reach out to clients you otherwise wouldn’t have come across.

  • Classified ads: At cafes and in newspapers, you might find help wanted or classified ads posted that express a desire to work with a contracted writer.

  • Ask for feedback: As you get work experience, ask the clients you work with to refer you to anyone else they know. If they do not, you can express to them your interest in seeking work and ask that they consider you and not hesitate to reach out to you for future projects.

  • Create a portfolio: Whatever writing you have done, whether it be from journalism, a past internship, or just a class, compile the strong writing pieces you have and have them available for prospective clients to refer to. When you have no experience with freelance work, a portfolio is the only basis you have for clients to base your qualifications off of.

  • Sell yourself: If other people aren’t posting things seeking workers, than post things yourself showing your availability. Just because you don’t see any opportunity for this type of work does not mean that the opportunity does not exist.

  • These are only some general guidelines to help you get your search started. Don’t feel intimidated by the vast number of possibilities that exist, stay true to yourself and be honest with the level of work you can complete.

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