How To Find Reliable Websites Offering Freelance Writing Jobs

There are several ways to get your freelancing career off on the right foot. But none is better than starting out with getting on board with a freelance writing website. There are a few reputable ones that have made a career in this field tremendously easy. But there are still a few things you should be aware of check for before spending too much time looking for projects on any one of these.

Start with a Simple Web Search

The first step in locating a great freelance writing service site is to conduct a simple web search. You’re bound to get the top 3 or 4 sites show up on the first page of results. This is because most search engines will rank services that have the most page views and visits higher than those that merely attempt to stuff their pages with keywords.

Review Customer Ratings

The next step is to take your short list of potential freelancing sites and to check some independent customer ratings. Simply key-in a company’s name followed by the term “customer review” and you will find a number of ratings sites with hundreds of independent reviews. Be sure to read several of these since customer satisfaction will vary. Keep track of comments and narrow your focus to just those services that have the best reputation.

Request Customer Support

Next take this smaller list of company names and take the time to contact each one. Find out about how the service works. Ask questions like “How do I receive payment?” and “What guarantees do I have to protect the work I complete?” A company will usually charge a service cost, so be sure you understand what this is and how it affects your work with clients.

Review Service Features

After your call or chat with a service rep review each sites’ features. There are some companies with webpages that are much easier to navigate through, while others are confusing and not very intuitive. By now you should be down to just one or two services and your best choice is probably the one with features that suit your working style and needs.

Consider Other Options

There are other places one can find individual freelance writing jobs outside of service-specific sites you found in your search. These include online classifieds, chatrooms and forums. You won’t build a profile on any of these sites but you will likely need to send potential clients some samples of your work. Still these places offer great opportunities for individual projects that are an excellent way to pad your income.

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