Freelance Writers Wanted: How To Find A Great Job In A Magazine

Although it is tough putting your foot in the doorway of being a freelance writer for magazines, it is an achievable goal. This is especially if you have a good plan and know how to go about applying for jobs in the magazine world. A lot of writers are making reasonable income freelancing for various glossy magazines but they started somewhere before they got to the stage they are now. You can also start the same way but you have to do the first things, first. Listed below are tips to help you find that first great job in a magazine. They are:

  • Analyze the target magazine: To be a freelance writer for a particular magazine, you should first of all, familiarize yourself with everything that has to do with such magazine. This includes their writing style, voice and the type of topics or niche the magazine covers. When you understand this, it will be easier to move on to the next step which will further determine if you can land that lucrative job or not.

  • Send in queries with samples of your writing: If you are targeting more than one magazine, you should write your queries and samples in the same style required by such magazines. Have it at the back of your mind that you stand better chances of getting a freelance writing job with such magazines if your samples are original without any typing and grammar errors. If possible, let your resume be edited by a paid professional. It works magic. The same thing applies to your queries. Don’t forget to attach your resume, listing out your experiences and why you are a perfect match for the job opening.

  • Be persistent: vYes, sometimes you have to wait for three weeks and upwards before you can get a response to your query or magazine job application. Be persistent without annoying them. Once in a while, you send them a mail to remind them how much you would like to work for them. You can even pitch a couple of story ideas along with your mail. Over time, they might invite you for a stint with them as a freelance writer.

  • Start from the bottom: A good number of magazine writers and editors started small. Some even had to do free write ups which overtime, helped to build up their portfolio. Instead of targeting big magazines, you can start an internship with smaller and local magazines. Over time, you can then use the portfolio compiled while working for these local magazines to apply to bigger magazines as a freelance writer.

Most importantly, enrol for a journalism degree in any college close to you. Such courses are also offered online and will increase your chances of landing great magazine jobs.

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