What It Takes To Be A Freelance Copywriter: The Job's Pros And Cons

Freelancing becomes more and more popular nowadays. Writers, designers, programmers etc. can be self-employed on the Internet. In case with designers and programmers, one needs to have a special education, while it’s much easier to become a freelance copywriter. This job requires decent language knowledge, erudition and creativity. As any other job it has good and bad features.

The pros of being a freelancer.

  1. Place.
  2. It’s only up to you where you will work. You don’t have to go to the office every day. You can work at home, at the café and even on the beach. You can travel all over the country and still write assignments. The only thing you need is your laptop, full battery and the Internet connection.

  3. Time.
  4. You are welcome to manage your time as you like. There are no early mornings, long driving to your office, staying at work till late night to finish the project. It’s your own decision when to get up and start working or to have a break.

  5. Being boss yourself.
  6. Those who work as freelance copywriters don’t have nasty bosses as thousands of office workers do. You can relax and just work, knowing that you won’t be criticized by your chief.

  7. Spending time with family.
  8. For some people, this may be the greatest pro. For example, for moms with small children. They can stay at home with their babies and earn some money.

The cons of being a freelancer.

  1. Deadlines.
  2. Come hell or high water, copywriters have deadlines which should be followed up by all means. If the work won’t be finished in time, the writer might receive various penalties. In most cases, the amount of the penalty can be either the same as the reward for the written article or even higher.

  3. Not all clients are easy to please.
  4. You don’t have a boss, but clients can take the chief’s responsibilities no worse. The client can criticize your work, ask you to redo it several times and then pay you less, taking into account that you did your job not at once.

  5. Salary.
  6. You won’t have a secure salary. In one month you can earn a lot of money and in the next one – less. It’s hard to predict how many orders you’ll have, so you can’t fully rely on your salary, for example, while taking a credit in a bank.

  7. Looking for clients on your own.
  8. It will be the hardest to start when no one knows about you. However, with each new client your reputation will grow.

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