How To Make Extra Money As A Freelance Writer: A Detailed Instruction

It is not uncommon for the average person to be in need of some extra money and would like to have a way of easily earning some. However your present job doesn’t allow much time for an extra job. This problem is easily addressed if you possess the skills to become a freelance writer because you can work from home, or from anywhere actually. This makes freelance writing the ideal part time job for the busy individual and the pay can also be quite good. Here are some instructions on how one can go about earning extra cash as a freelance writer:

  1. Possess good knowledge and expertise
  2. As a writer there will be many different jobs that could be requested of you. You must always be ready to accept any job and also be capable of completing it in a satisfactory manner. To ensure this, take some time to brush up on your literary skills, a good way to start is by doing a web search for the jobs that are commonly requested of writers, and making note of the skills you don’t possess. No skill new is too much, possessing many skills can only benefit you.

  3. Create an outstanding portfolio
  4. You will need an online profile, a page or two that describes you as a professional, displaying your skills and relevant achievements. When a prospective employee considers hiring you, they will first view your profile so spare no effort in promoting yourself as best you can. Be sure to include a sample of your work to demonstrate you capabilities to anyone viewing your profile.

  5. Sign up with a job sourcing agency
  6. There are many companies dedicated to bring freelancers and individuals with job requests together. A simple web search will connect you to many such websites for you to browse and select one based on your preferences. After a simple registration, you will be free to browse the job posts and start bidding.

  7. Build a solid reputation
  8. The start will be tough, but with some dedication you can build a reputation for yourself and jobs will come easier and more regularly.

  9. Market yourself
  10. If you have affordable ways of marketing yourself as a writer, use them. Promotion plays a big role in the success of any entrepreneur.

  11. Continuously expand your skills
  12. Never stop learning new skills, bigger jobs often call for many different skill types so use your free time between jobs to learn a new skill.

Upgrade Your Skills

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