All You Need To Know About Freelance Writer's Agencies: Professional View

Freelance writer’s agencies are byproducts of Alan Turning; the man behind the initial idea of computers; a device which became a fulcrum for Internet. They have thrived on the back of the fact that every site wishes strong content to advertise its merits. There are zillion sites running on the web now and so the viability quotient for these agencies.

These make a good killing more because of the fact that most people are not exactly well-read about the goings-on. You should however connect with a freelance writing agency only after assessing it from a professional perspective.

Look at the dropdowns and fluency – Look at the smoothness of the site and the time it takes to navigate between pages. There should ideally be a number of dropdowns to answer to various types of job seekers; from bloggers to web developers to graphic designers and so on. Genuine freelance writer’s agencies will have a well-worked up site with details prominently placed on the home page.

Check the clientele – While going through the job list, you will find clients whose payments are verified and those also who are either new or unverified. A potent freelance writing agency will have a suggestive number of verified clients so that the writers can breathe easy. Please do not fall into the trap of doing all your assignments for unverified clients.

Frequency of hourly contracts – Hourly contracts are where the writer’s money is secure. In case the client vanishes, the agency will be liable to pay the writer’s dues. Fake agencies will have negligible or no clients who offer hourly contracts.

Payment schedule – The payment schedule is generally weekly. The payment system with reliable freelance writing agency is quite smooth and secure. You need to utilize payment modes such as Paypal or WooCommerce. You will have to place the payment you desire before the assignment and only after the client approves it may you advance ahead with the work. The agency will charge a percentage (not more than 10%) from the client.

Regular updates – Worthy freelance writing agencies don’t deal in stagnancy. They keep updating the work requirements and keep placing old works in back pages. Thus, writers can expect new works coming up regularly. They also keep the writer updated on their mails as to the job assigned and clients who have rejected.

Go through the testimonials – Take a look at the testimonials and see whether the nature of accolades poured in appear real or surreal.

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