How To Build A Successful Career In The Freelance Writing Sphere

Are you trying to build a career as a freelance writer, but have no idea how to get success over the long term? To get consistency in this industry you have to follow certain rules and guidelines. This will ensure that you will have a steady stream of work for many years to come. With that thought in mind, read on for what you should do to make a success out for your freelance writing career:

Look After Your Clients

Your clients are the ones who are paying you the money, and therefore you must make sure that they are satisfied with the level of service that they’re getting. In your communications you must be professional, understanding and cooperate with demands – if they are within reason.

Furthermore, if you need to let a client go because they are paying too low, or you have too much work, then do so in a positive manner. You might need to use them in the future, and that’s not going to happen if communications end on a bad note.

Build A Large Pool Of Clients

You cannot rely on a single client, because that’s a recipe for disaster. They might go bankrupt, run out of work, or disappear. Only by having several clients can you be safe knowing you’ll have a consistent amount of work in the long run.

Therefore, keep the contact details of your clients safe. This includes e-mail and instant messaging commination details.

Ask For Feedback

On bidding sites it’s important to get positive feedback, because that will increase the chances of new clients hiring you again in the future. Therefore, when you complete a job ask for the client to give some feedback. Most of the time if you have done a good job you should get a perfect rating. If a client forgets to give the feedback, then a week later follow up on the request.

Categorize Samples

When sending samples to a client it’s important to make sure that you send ones that are most relevant to the project type. Therefore, you should make sure to have an inventory of samples across many different categories.

You can do this by asking your clients if you can use one of the articles you write for them as a sample. Over the year you’ll inevitably end up writing various types of content across different industries – you can use these as your samples. Just don’t forget to categorize them.

Upgrade Your Skills

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