5 Simple Ways to Become a Part-Time Freelance Technical Writer: Vital Advice

Working as a Technical Writer Requires…

  • Understanding of Dense Text: Technical writing requires the author to read information-dense text. Analyze this text, and then produce other materials. You will often be reading about very detailed topics, and it takes a certain level of understanding to master the material.

  • Knack for Explaining: Understanding what you read is just the first part of it, as a writer of this industry you will also need to have a knack for explaining. You will need to learn information and produce other materials as result, like manuals or training handbooks.

If you feel you possess the skills of an accomplished technical writer, perhaps working as a freelance technical writer would be a good part-time job for you. We have outlined the 5 simple ways you can achieve this goal. These steps will help you in determining whether this job would be a good fit, and also how to go about making it happen.

  • Provide Samples
  • Providing samples of your work when scouting out prospective clients can help you get the job. Samples are proof of your abilities and talents. They can help a client feel more confident in your services. They will help establish your authority on the subject.

  • Always Network
  • Make sure to take advantage of professional situations and social meetings for networking. Let people know you work as a freelancer. They may have a need for your services, or could also know of a friend or business partner seeking help. By putting yourself out there you increase these odds.

  • Manage Yourself
  • In order to be a successful part-time technical freelance writer, you will need to be able to manage yourself. You will be your own boss so it is important to make sure you get things in on time and meet expectations. No one is overseeing you, and this can sometimes risky for a distracted or disorganized worker.

  • Keep in Contact
  • By practicing strong communications you will present yourself as highly professional. This will help clients feel confident in your services, and aid you in getting established in your new part-time position.

  • Use Feedback
  • You must request feedback from clients after completing a project. This will help you in strengthening areas of weakness. It can also be a source of testimonial for future clients seeking recommendation of your work.

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