Becoming A Freelance Writer: The Main Do's And Don'ts

Working as a freelance writing has many pros and cons. It is a great career because it allows you to choose who you work with, create your own schedule, manage your own work, and claim all of your own profits. On the other hands, there are some drawbacks too. Some of the negatives include lack of guidance, possible instability, low income, and more. With these pros and cons in mind, review the do’s and don’ts of freelancing below. This information will help you in your quest to becoming a writer.


  • Keep Portfolio: It is imperative to keep record of your work. This is how you will demonstrate your skills abilities for future prospective clients. A client, who is comparing one writer to another, when given both portfolios, will go with the candidate that has a stronger and/or more relevant portfolio. Keep this in mind base don the jobs you plan to go after.

  • Communicate Strongly: You must maintain strong communications with your client throughout the process. Update them as you reach milestones or possible roadblocks. You want to keep them in the know just like you would a traditional employer.

  • Manage Time: Make sure to plan your time well. You want to make sure you have the right balance in workload and are able to thoroughly and meticulously complete your work. Planning your time will allow you to get your work done properly and efficiently.

  • Market Services: In order to be the most successful freelancer possible it is important to properly market your services. Take advantage of freelancer sites, job boards, and other networking sources to locate opportunities. Additionally, creating your own marketing materials like a website, social media presence, or business cards will pay off.


  • Overpromise Work: Do not take on more than you can complete a freelancer. It is important to find the happy balance. Although you want to take on as much work as possible, in order to rake in the most money, you must determine whether or not you can realistically complete the work. Keep a master calendar with scheduled writing times to help determine your availability for new projects.

  • Lack Communication: Nothing is worse than working with someone who never clues you in. Weak communication can result in a failed vision.

  • Waste Time: Make sure to plan and use your time well.

  • Sit Idly: You must make your own business as a freelancer, it will not come to those who sit idly.

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