7 Keys To Getting Highly Paying Online Freelance Writing Jobs

If you're a freelance writer feeling discouraged, don't give up just yet. Finding clients – and high-paying ones – can be a challenge, but if you're serious about your work, there are things you can do to succeed. Here are 7 keys to getting jobs with great pay:

  1. 1. Query potential clients.
  2. Some writers prefer to let the work find them, but if you can't wait, there's no harm in sending out query letters.

  3. 2. Start a blog.
  4. Not just a blog, but any website that can help you connect with potential clients. Starting a blog or using Facebook is a great way to advertise, and it's free. You can reach complete strangers without having to pitch to them. Let your blog or page speak for itself. Provide all the information you can and a way to contact you, and wait for clients to come to you.

  5. 3. Target specific markets.
  6. Just like any other job, some fields have higher pay than others. If you know that money is your top priority, do your research. Don't bother looking for any work that you know won't pay what you're looking for.

  7. 4. Have patience.
  8. The work may not come immediately. It can take time, even after putting so much effort into attracting clients, to get them. The results may not be immediate, so sticking with it and seeing it through is extremely important.

  9. 5. Keep marketing.
  10. You want to constantly attract clients. Market your services often (at least every six months), even if you don't feel that it's necessary. Having too many clients is better than not having enough, or losing some and having to start all over.

  11. 6. Don't set your rates too low.
  12. Some clients may try to negotiate with you, but don't sell yourself short. If a client asks what your rate is, don't undercharge them. Some people will take a mile if you give them an inch, so be careful if you plan on having repeat customers. If you gave them a low rate the first time around, they will come back again and again expecting that same low rate, and that will leave you underpaid for work that doesn't cost you any less.

  13. 7. Create posts that relate to your services.
  14. This is another way to advertise, and this will let potential clients know that you are well worth your rates. You can share posts or create one on your blog. Blog about topics that you write about, topics that relate to your services. You should also let people know that you're available for hire, whether you attach it to your post or insert it into the tags.

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