Sample Freelance Writing Contract: 5 Signs Of A Scam

Freelance writing is a great way to make extra money. You can make it your full time job or supplement an existing incomes. You can work as little or as much as you want and you can negotiate the delivery and terms of the work. There are five very important things to remember. In order to avoid scams, be wary of the client who grossly overpays, watch for a client who has a lot of odd conditions, be ethical and stay way from work that might be sketchy, the client with no contract, and always get an escrow for the job.

  1. The Client Who Offers Large Amounts of Money
  2. While it is nice to encounter a client who pays a nice amount in a quick time, be wary of someone who promises you the moon. You need to know that many a writer has been scammed because of the lure of easy money. Make sure to read the contract carefully when your customer offers you a large amount of payment.

  3. The Client who has a lot of Unreasonable Conditions
  4. If the client has a lot of exceptions or “what if” conditions in the contract, you might want to reconsider the job. The customers who have simple agreements that are clearly written and usually honest and trustworthy.

  5. Sketchy or Plagiarized Requests from a Client
  6. Make sure the request for the work is legitimate. You do not want to completely write someone’s dissertation or to steal from another person’s work. If you feel uncomfortable about the job, there is probably a good reason for that.

  7. A Job with No Contract or Agreement
  8. If you take a job without a contract or any form of written agreement, you have no legal papers or grounds to stand on if the employer does not pay you all or some of your money. Make sure to read the contract very carefully and then sign it.

  9. A Job Without an Escrow
  10. An escrow is money held by a third party that will be released when a job is finished. It is a great way to ensure that your boss has the money to pay you and that he or she will actually pay you. You should always work with an escrow when you freelance.

You will love being a freelancer. Just follow these five simple rules to stay safe and secure!

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