Looking For A Professional Freelance Writer: Things To Consider

You will encounter situations when you need to provide content for your website or blog, and you don’t know how to create it. If you are not a professional, it’s better to hire somebody to write the content for you. Instead of hiring another person for your company, you can opt for a freelancer and complete individual projects with him. In this way, you can choose another person if you need a different writing style, and you can change the subject of the articles quickly. Consider these things when you search for a good writer:

  • Cheap can prove to be more expensive in the long term. Let’s assume you found a writer who is asking for a price much lower than the normal one. Sure, you can hire him, and he will complete the project successfully. But there is also a high possibility that he will fail. Writers who ask for a cheap fare usually can not find good clients, so they need to ask for less than everyone else. This might be more expensive in the long term if you will need to send the articles to an editor.

  • Watch his profile. A professional worker will know what description to use and what pictures to post. A sign of an alarm is the lack of picture or a photo that is not appropriate for a C.V. This means that he will not be serious when it comes to his work. His description needs to be relaxed, but complex. If he is using complicated words, but his writing seems difficult to digest, the readers of your website will not have patience to read the entire thing.

  • Pay attention to the feedback. It is acceptable to find one-two bad feedbacks, it is impossible to keep hundred of clients completely happy. On the other hand, if more than 20% of his feedback are negative, do not hire this person. Maybe you will be one client of the 20% that is not happy with his services.

  • Discuss with a potential freelancer openly. Ask him about his vision before hiring him and ask him to provide a few sample papers. If he does not have such thing, it means he is inexperienced. Also, if you find grammar mistakes and punctuation errors in this samples, you will need to spend time correcting his content, and you will waste precious time. Try to get the articles done right from the beginning.

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