Freelance Comedy Writers Wanted: Where To Look For The Best Jobs

Within the freelance writing industry, there are a number of unique niches that writers can cater to. Websites, magazine publications and screenwriting projects often need comedy writers. To break into this field, writers will need to have a few training and educational requirements. In addition, they should have some experience in the freelance writing industry.

Deciding to Be a Comedy Writer

Humor ranges from bottom-of-the-barrel body functions to high-brow satire. Throughout all of these options, the one thing that the writer must be is funny. If the writer is not naturally humorous, they are not going to find any comedy writing jobs. For the amusing writer, this industry offers options that range from parody to comedy shows. The writer may end up working on a romantic comedy movie, a satirical magazine, a television sitcom, a prop-based comedy or another genre. Depending on the project, the writer may be able to work virtually from their home.

Expected Requirements

Technically, anyone who can write well and humorously can be a comedy writer. In reality, writers should receive some academic qualifications. Employers will generally look for someone with a bachelor's degree in media, journalism, English or communications. Film production, play writing or studio production degrees may also work for employers.

Once the writer has achieved a degree in the subject area,they will also need to gain experience as a comedy writer. There are workshops, conferences and classes that cater to this subject. Often, these classes are taught by professionals in the field. If the writer's work is any good, the professional writer may hire them as an intern or an assistant.

Build a Portfolio

A comedy writer is only as good as their portfolio. In order to get a job, the writer must show that they can actually do the work. In general, the comedy writer should prepare several example scripts for the client. They may also be required to send in work on spec before they get the job. Since each client will want a different style of comedy writing, the writer should do their research before they send in the script on spec.

Keep Pitching

Once a project is completed, the writer will need more work lined up. To do this, they must keep pitching ideas to potential clients. Most of these ideas will be rejected, but the occasional pitch could lead to long-term work. Writers should consider this process a type of numbers game. The more pitches that they send out, the more work that they will receive.

Upgrade Your Skills

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