Creating A Freelance Blog: Tips For Getting Best Writing Jobs Online

Becoming a freelance writer is a lot of work and you have to keep at it if you want to be successful. One downfall of being a freelance writer is that you will spend more time looking for work than you actually writing anything. When you are trying to find a freelance writing job there are many places you can go to start out.

There are bid sites like oDesk, Guru, and Elance that allow you to bid on writing gig but you might have to lower your rate if you use one of these sites. These places are a good place to start but there are some other great places to try too. Pro Blogger has freelance job post on there website, they list the requirements and then you usually fill out an application on their website or email them. The best thing to do is just search for freelance writing jobs online. Google will bring up thousands of websites that have listings. When you are look at these jobs you have to keep some things in mind to consider before you apply.

Tips To Finding A Freelance Writing Job

  • Check the website out before you apply, there are a few websites out there that want to charge you a month fee to apply for jobs on there site. Don’t use these sites, you should never have to pay to apply to a job. Place like Media Match and Flex Jobs are guilt of doing this to their customers.

  • You also want to look at the salary or pay that you will get for doing the work. You have to consider if it is enough or if you should ask for more. If you ask for more than you better have a good reason and great experience to back up you getting more money.

  • Make sure that you have all of the requirements that the job requires. If you lie about your experience or requirements for the job then it will come back against you if you don’t know what you are doing. Be honest and tell them that you don’t know but you are a fast learner.

  • If you see a problem with the client once you are hired like that they never pay you or pay you late, then you want consider getting a different job because down the rode you never know what will happen and as a freelance writer you don’t really have job security unless you find a great client.

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