Directions On How To Start Your Freelance Writing Career Online Successfully

Freelance writing can be an awesome and easy way to get your foot through the writing door. Like most creative fields, this one is extremely competitive and it can be difficult and time consuming to find steady work. Fortunately, freelance work provides the means to easily work with a variety of clients on several projects at a time. The Internet is a resource that connects you to several clients around the world to work with independently. As a beginner, though, it can be difficult to distinguish your profile from a more established writer. These directions can be helpful in guiding you through the creation of your online profile, and how to continue getting regular work:

  • Network: Networking is one of the easiest ways to make connections with clients in any industry. If you have friends or peers in the English sphere, it is likely that they know others in the same field. They may have work for you to do or be seeking an independent writer to work with them from time to time. Social media sites and professional networking sites provide an easy way to meet individuals seeking the work of a freelance writer.

  • Join a site: Several sites act as hosts to both writers and clients, and serves as the middle man in connecting the two. Search around and find a site that you like best, then create a strong profile. List your education and past writing experience and really sell yourself.

  • Create a portfolio: It can be difficult getting work as a beginner, especially since clients have no idea of what you can deliver. This is why creating a portfolio is essential. Compile all published works you have created into a document, or create a site that really shows off your skills. This will give clients a good idea of your strengths and will improve your chances of being hired.

  • Price reasonably: See what competitive pricing is for your field and be reasonable when setting an hourly rate. You may have to work for less than you would like in the beginning, as you need to establish a reputation and credibility before you can demand a higher price.

  • Set deadlines: Be honest with yourself and the client in setting deadlines and be sure to always follow them. Failing to deliver a product by its deadline can jeopardize your freelance career and affect relations with prospective clients.

  • Ask for feedback: As you complete jobs, as clients for any tips or suggestions they might have to improve your work. This will guarantee customer satisfaction in the future and make you more likely to get hired in the future.

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