Looking For Freelance Writing Jobs: 3 Suggestions For Starters

Freelance writing is an excellent career for anyone who wants to do a creative job, and do it according to his or her own schedule. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to start your career in the industry, especially if you’re new to self-employment in particular. Luckily for you, we’ve put together our top three suggestions for how to look for freelance writing jobs, so carry on reading!

Find some decent freelancing websites

The first step to starting your new career in freelance writing is to scour the Internet for some proper freelance websites. Thankfully, there are quite a few out there, so you’ll find one that suits you. Look for well-established sites that appear to be very busy, because quiet sites are not likely to last long and you don’t want to join a site that’s only going to go out of business. It’s also a good idea to look for a site with a close community, as you may be able to find someone to mentor you in your new line of work. When you find a few reputable sites, you can join them. Be sure to create professional profiles for yourself, as your profile will be representing you like an advertisement.

Build your client list

Once you’ve joined a few decent freelancing websites, you should start building a good client list for yourself. Initially, you should accept as many projects as you’re capable of completing, as this will help you find clients. You may have to work for slightly lower rates in the beginning, but as your reputation improves, so will your earnings. As you start to build up a group of repeat clients, you can start accepting fewer low-paying projects from new clients. Instead, focus on getting repeat work from good clients you’ve already worked for, and try to get projects from new clients who pay well.

Create your own website

After you’ve built up a great client list on the freelancing websites you’re registered with, you can create your own website to advertise your services. Just be very careful to understand the terms of use of the websites you’re registered with, as often you aren’t allowed to do business with clients you find on the site outside the site’s market place. So, your own website will be a way for you to find new clients. Your website should be very professional, so if you can’t manage to make one yourself, rather hire a professional to do it for you. After all, your website is an advertisement for your services, and should be of excellent quality.

Upgrade Your Skills

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