Finding Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs Without Problem: Advice For Rookies

Finding a good paying writing job online is partly dependent on what company or agency you sign up to and partly dependent on what kind of a presence you have there. For example, many writing companies get jobs coming in of all kind and quality. If you want ones that are high quality and pay well, you must attract those types of clients to yourself. How do you do that? There are several things you can do to increase your exposure online for your writing skills.

  1. Each place you make a profile, make sure it’s complete and very attractive and compelling. This is what pre-sells you and your service. Too many writers forget this part and think it’s just a waste of time, when in reality it’s the smartest first step to make. Potential employers look at your profile because that’s how they get to know you and how they know what your experience is.

  2. Never under-sell yourself. Decide what you are worth and then don’t hire yourself out for less than that. Clients will think you aren’t worth much if they see you’ve been working for peanuts for other people and won’t want to pay a higher price for the same service.

  3. If you need to get your first few customers so you have some feedback to show other people, then get friends or relatives to hire you through that same agency and pay you for your service and leave feedback. This will give you some ratings to get started out with. It gives you a head start because you aren’t considered a newbie when you put in your first proposal.

  4. It’s okay to start out with piece-meal jobs as long as you’re getting good rates. You don’t have to land a big contract when you first start out. This will give you both experience and some money coming in right away.

  5. Go to forums where other writers hang out and you can learn the ropes from them. You can get good advice and info on where the good jobs are located and how to land them. You can also get good advice on which places to avoid because they just waste your time or don’t make any real money.

  6. You can also try contacting webmasters directly. You’d be surprised at just how many are looking for good writers.

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