How To Make More Money As A Freelance Writer: 5 Useful Hints

Freelancing is a booming business these days. The freelancers who are into writing are respected widely and most of them earns really well and some lucky ones even earn in six figures. So, one often keep wondering that whether taking up freelancing jobs as a writer can be considered as a full time one and whether it’s going to pay a handful amount. Well, the answer is yes and no. The actual fact is it all depends on an individual who is quite pro with words because as a writer whether a freelance or not require you to be damn good with your words and has to be knowledgeable in diversified and on an array of topics. There are various ways and methods to increase your income as a freelance writer, however, in this article, we will discuss and concentrate on 5 such useful and valuable tricks and tips that could make your earnings soar into new heights as a freelance writer and it will actually be more worthy than taking up a full time job.

Tips 1: Decide your topic of interest: As a freelance writer you can chose to write on any topic, but if you are seriously thinking on increase your earnings, then it is recommended to choose your topics of writing based on the current market trends. For example, Business reports, financial topics, marketing report writing, writing Government contracts and lifestyle related topics are high on demand these days and these topics pay you really well roughly starting from $2 dollar per words.

  • It is advisable that you study the market trends and decide your specialization topic.

Tips 2: Securing a contract: Now, this is a damn important point and also an important towards increasing your income as a freelance writer. Always seek for and bid for jobs that offers short term and preferably long term contracts. Long term contracts are often offered by various established magazines and newspapers who are unlike common myth are constantly in lookout for quality freelance writers who can write about currently trending and also on a large range of topics.

  • A freelancer should not start writing until the contract is final as working without a contract, does not provide the client the obligation to pay the writer.

Tips 3: Positioning: Positioning and establishing yourself on various writing platforms and in the market is an important factor that can affect your income largely as a freelancer writer. For this, you need to develop an impressive portfolio of your writing as experience counts.

  • To do this, one can initially take up small projects to increase his or her clientele, portfolio, recommendations and obviously experience. These days there are various established and genuine online job portals that provide the freelancers with many job prospects and offers. Registering oneself in these portals and creating an attractive and impressive profile along with your portfolio example can land you with big writing projects that will really pay you well.

Tips 4: Setting realistic financial goal: One often wonders, what rate one should set for the freelancing jobs. This question is really a tricky and probably the most important one.

  • Though most of the organizations tend to offer the freelancer writers a per word rate, it is advisable for the writers to go for an hourly rate.
  • For a start one can set his or her rate anywhere between $25 - $ 50 per hour depending on one’s experience and expertise. And one should always negotiate with the client before every project regarding the rates.

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